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Mantua can be visited entirely using the bicycle. The locals know that best, and they have a culture in using this means of transportation that has  benefits both in terms of energy and economy. Many tourists are often surprised to see how many travel on  two wheels in the  historic district of the Virgilian city.

The Municipality and the Province of Mantua decided to invest resources and effort in developing a network of bike lanes. Ravenna ranks first in Italy , according to a Legambiente classification,with 32 meters of bicycle lanes per capita. The top is dominated by Emilian cities,with Modena (27), Ferrara (26) and Reggio Emilia (22) on the following positions.Only one Lombard  city falls to third place, Mantua, with the same share as Ferrara.

The Abatjour Hotel is lapped by a comfortable cycle path that connects us  with the city centre by passing by the lakeshore area. We offer our guests a few bicycles, both for men and women. Related links:

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